Caliper Event Origins

This page describes the mapping between Canvas Live Events and IMS Caliper Events.

Actor Mapping

If the Live Event body attribute includes a user_id value, the Caliper actor type is Person. Otherwise, it is SoftwareApplication.

If the Caliper Actor is a Person, the following mappings apply for actor properties:

Live Event body property Caliper Property
user_id id
real_user_id extensions.canvas.real_user_id
user_login extensions.canvas.user_login
root_account_id extensions.canvas.root_account_id
root_account_lti_guid extensions.canvas.root_account_lti_guid
root_account_uuid extensions.canvas.root_account_uuid
user_id extensions.canvas.entity_id

Event Mapping

The following table shows how Canvas Live Events map to Caliper events.

LiveEvent type Caliper Event Caliper Action Caliper Object
quiz_submitted AssessmentEvent Submitted Attempt
assignment_created Event Created AssignableDigitalResource
assignment_updated Event Modified AssignableDigitalResource
syllabus_updated Event Modified Document
group_category_created Event Created Entity
group_created Event Created Group
group_membership_created Event Created Membership
course_created Event Created CourseOffering
wiki_page_created Event Created Page
wiki_page_updated Event Modified Page
wiki_page_deleted Event Deleted Page
enrollment_created Event Created Entity
enrollment_updated Event Modified Entity
enrollment_state_created Event Created Entity
enrollment_state_updated Event Modified Entity
user_account_association_created Event Created Entity
attachment_created Event Created Document
attachment_updated Event Modified Document
attachment_deleted Event Deleted Document
discussion_entry_created MessageEvent Created Message
asset_accessed NavigationEvent NavigatedTo Entity*
grade_changed GradeEvent Graded Attempt
submission_created AssignableEvent Submitted Attempt
submission_updated Event Modified Attempt
logged_in Event LoggedIn SoftwareApplication
logged_out Event LoggedOut SoftwareApplication
discussion_topic_created Event Created Thread

*Depending on the navigated resource (body.asset_type, if present), the actual object type may vary according to the following table:

body.asset_type Caliper Object Type
wiki_page Page
course CourseOffering
assignment AssignableDigitalResource
quiz Assessment
discussion_topic Thread