Live Events Introduction

Live Events are specific events emitted by Canvas when an interesting action takes place, such as a page being accessed, a student submitting an assignment, or course settings being updated. Customers can subscribe to specific events and receive them using either an AWS SQS queue or an HTTPS Webhook. Live Events are well suited for analytics and data collection applications, but should not be used for applications that need their data immediately and as up-to-date as possible. If you find your application needs the most up-to-date information possible, you should use the regular Canvas API instead of Live Events.

Live Events Usage Examples

To determine ways in which you can make use of the different types of events, you should ask a specific business question and seek its answer by collecting and visualizing data. Here are some of the questions our clients ask when they are considering using our Live Events service:

Assessment (Quiz) Submissions

Tracking patterns using the old quizzes events will allow instructors to understand more about how students are interacting with their assessments.

User Sessions

A session is a group of user interactions in the Canvas Learning Platform that take place within a given timeframe, e.g. a single session can contain multiple page views, submission events, discussion entries, and assignment content interaction. We can think of a session as a container for the actions a user takes in Canvas. A single user can open multiple sessions. Those sessions can occur on the same day, or over several days, weeks, or months. Sessions are limited based on time limit.

Course Assignments and submissions

This event data could help instructors to gather insight about the relationship between students and their assignments.

Course content

This event data could help administration to assess the account course content changes on a periodic basis.