Editor Button Placement

External tools can be configured to appear as buttons in the rich content editor. The editor_button placement allows many users to use the LTI Deep Linking flow to select resources from an external tool and embed them in the Canvas Rich Content Editor (RCE).


For configuration examples and links to the specification, please refer to the LTI Deep Linking documentation. Simply replace the assignment_selection text with editor_button in the XML (LTI 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2) or JSON (LTI 1.3) examples.




  1. A user loads a page that has the RCE available (discussion posts, quiz questions, etc.).
  2. Once loaded, tools that use the editor_button placement will appear in the tool bar of the RCE.
  3. When the tool bar button is clicked, Canvas initiates an LTI launch to the tool and indicates that a deep linking selection request is happening.
  4. The tool can then present the user with a UI to select and/or create content and return items of different types to Canvas.
  5. Canvas then consumes the request and converts the payload to HTML in the RCE.
  6. Once published, the audience can then view the content returned by the tool.

The end result is users can search for embeddable content from a tool provider and submit it back to the RCE without having to leave Canvas or paste embed code!

Pro-tip: Use the com.instructure.Editor.contents and/or com.instructure.Editor.selection variable substitutions to include the full RCE contents and/or highlighted selection, respectively, in the launch request.


All of these settings are contained for the editor_button placement: