Announcement External Feeds API

External feeds represent RSS feeds that can be attached to a Course or Group, in order to automatically create announcements for each new item in the feed.

An ExternalFeed object looks like:

  // The ID of the feed
  "id": 5,
  // The title of the feed, pulled from the feed itself. If the feed hasn't yet
  // been pulled, a temporary name will be synthesized based on the URL
  "display_name": "My Blog",
  // The HTTP/HTTPS URL to the feed
  "url": "",
  // If not null, only feed entries whose title contains this string will trigger
  // new posts in Canvas
  "header_match": "pattern",
  // When this external feed was added to Canvas
  "created_at": "2012-06-01T00:00:00-06:00",
  // The verbosity setting determines how much of the feed's content is imported
  // into Canvas as part of the posting. 'link_only' means that only the title and
  // a link to the item. 'truncate' means that a summary of the first portion of
  // the item body will be used. 'full' means that the full item body will be
  // used.
  "verbosity": "truncate"

List external feeds ExternalFeedsController#index

GET /api/v1/courses/:course_id/external_feeds

Scope: url:GET|/api/v1/courses/:course_id/external_feeds

GET /api/v1/groups/:group_id/external_feeds

Scope: url:GET|/api/v1/groups/:group_id/external_feeds

Returns the paginated list of External Feeds this course or group.

Example Request:

curl https://<canvas>/api/v1/courses/<course_id>/external_feeds \
     -H 'Authorization: Bearer <token>'
Returns a list of ExternalFeed objects

Create an external feed ExternalFeedsController#create

POST /api/v1/courses/:course_id/external_feeds

Scope: url:POST|/api/v1/courses/:course_id/external_feeds

POST /api/v1/groups/:group_id/external_feeds

Scope: url:POST|/api/v1/groups/:group_id/external_feeds

Create a new external feed for the course or group.

Request Parameters:

Parameter Type Description
url Required string

The url to the external rss or atom feed

header_match boolean

If given, only feed entries that contain this string in their title will be imported

verbosity string

Defaults to “full”

Allowed values: full, truncate, link_only

Example Request:

curl https://<canvas>/api/v1/courses/<course_id>/external_feeds \
    -F url='' \
    -F header_match='news flash!' \
    -F verbosity='full' \
    -H 'Authorization: Bearer <token>'
Returns an ExternalFeed object

Delete an external feed ExternalFeedsController#destroy

DELETE /api/v1/courses/:course_id/external_feeds/:external_feed_id

Scope: url:DELETE|/api/v1/courses/:course_id/external_feeds/:external_feed_id

DELETE /api/v1/groups/:group_id/external_feeds/:external_feed_id

Scope: url:DELETE|/api/v1/groups/:group_id/external_feeds/:external_feed_id

Deletes the external feed.

Example Request:

curl -X DELETE https://<canvas>/api/v1/courses/<course_id>/external_feeds/<feed_id> \
     -H 'Authorization: Bearer <token>'
Returns an ExternalFeed object